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MetaTrader 4

A premium trading platform whose functionality is out of this world, and which offers a multitude of useful features and tools, such as live quotes, low latency, trading indicators and interactive charts, for you to choose from! Its interactive options enable you to manage your profile with ease, view your trading history, follow the latest trends and practices, and perform multiple activities at the same time, while allowing you to optimize and personalize your trading account, and even create trading strategies.

MetaTrader 4


A simple and fast download.

Instant trade execution.

A broad array of orders.

A variety of currencies and languages.

Automated investment professionals.

Advanced charts and indicators.

This is why you can and should trust us

We know what we bring to the table and now you can find out too...


Our trading platforms are designed to provide a legal and safe environment for you to trade in, meaning you needn’t worry about your trading account or personal data being breached as they are protected at all times, which brings us to the next reason…


Our trading platforms use the latest technology trends and practices, such as multi-level SSL encryption, unbreachable firewalls, accredited service providers and an accredited data center, in order to keep your funds and information secure.


Our trading platforms provide you with a complete insight into valuable market opportunities around the globe, and a kit consisting of several hundred assets which are available to you 24/7 and from every part of the world.

The benefits of trading via XTradings' trading platforms

The advantages of using our trading platforms are numerous, but here are a few to begin with:

  • Hundreds of different assets - a broad array of currencies, stocks, commodities and indices;
  • Dedicated account managers who are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • A legal and transparent trading environment which is secure and user-friendly;
  • Accessible via fixed and mobile devices.
Our Benefits